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Hello from FrChan!

Hello from FrChan!

Hello from FrChan!

Hello from FrChan!

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Hello from FrChan!

Hello from FrChan!

Hello from FrChan!

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Hello from FrChan!

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Hello please come check out

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>Find smth interesting on this chan-board


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Friendly greetings from https://spacechan.xyz/b/

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Tyrene Panstein won’t stop trying to fuck Andrew Yang - look at her chugging the beer as if it iOS Andrews dick while making direct intense eye contact - this is mini Yang’s mom - what he fuck is she promoting and is she a Jew too?

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This homo is sucking up all the oxygen. His demo is our demo, and right now he's getting more airtime, more softballs, and direct reporting on his crowd sizes. MSM is locking these voters out from our reach right as we're getting the national attention we need.


Butt is doing this devoid of policies, purely with image control from behind the scenes. The media and key democratic party power brokers have had his name in their mouths since his 2016 DNC chain run and they are now forcing the issue. Moreso than any other opponent, this one is tucking into our pie. He's even tried getting away with using our language on many occasions with just enough plausible deniability for his handlers to chortle at their own crapulence. There is only one option.

We haven't yet become attack dogs, maybe because so many of are too venomous to be taken seriously. Despite that, we have to start knee capping this guy. Right now, he's untouchable. They little negative press he's had has been a complete snore and too intellectually driven to resonate viscerally. We have to do better. Suggestions?


My belief is to just troll, no basis in anything, outright lie even. why? We can't go after his sexuality if us and our base don't even care about that. This guy only has one open vulnerablility and that's that he's never had to plant his flag on national issues and is apparently refusing to do so. You might say "well then just let the clock run and see if that drags him down by itself", but I don't think it will given his other big vulnerability.

He's a groomed, spoon-fed, DNC show pony. he needs 100 softball policy free interviews, he'll probably get them. He'll be given whatever he needs to work on vulnerability number one. The fact that he's this pampered and this green, leads to a easy label: Baby.

It fits because of his age, but also because of his handling. Unfortunately "baby" tends to mean "crybaby" to most people, and he hasn't yet been a good example of that. That leads me back to the beginning.

We just fucking troll this guy. Troll his threads, troll his base. This is something Bernie Bros love to do and do it well. Doing it along side them could give us the credibility with them we'll need later on when they become the next challenge. If we troll with them hard against Butt, we might be able to get him to start whining about it. Then he'll never escape the baby image.

Here's what I've been doing, I've followed some very aggro Bernie surrogates and I jump in wherever the go and roughhouse with Butt pirates. I say shit about South Bend, I say shit about him being an empty DNC suit, I drop a few very minor yangpills, and I bounce.


I literally came here to say Pete’s a faggot


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FYI: I have a faggot friend that went to his fundraiser in Houston (this friend is braindead obviously) and he posted this pic. Look at the low energy.

This guy is not going to win.

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y an g

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